Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What does it mean to "Define Yourself"?

KaZ Brownlee
Creative Producer/Film and Television Consultant
Torfoot Inc.

What does it mean to "Define yourself"? Is that a philosophical, ethical, spiritual, social, emotional, or a general question? Or is it a definition that addresses your clothes, hair, makeup, skin, body, the car you drive, your j-o-b, the company you keep, your children, grandchildren, being childless?

I could go on and on (and given the chance you know I will). Does the definition of YOU address your essence or you superficially?

I don't purport to have ANY answers to these questions for anyone, most of all for myself. BUT I do get glimpses of answers in my daily life.

I think defining yourself encompasses ALL of the above.

Am I REALLY what I wear? Is it an expression of who I am or a costume or mask?
Does my mood affect what I wear or does what I wear affect my mood?

Am I those last, stubborn 10 pounds, those stacked heels, that spiffy little sports car, truck or the station wagon?

You may be saying to yourself, this topic just has me scratching my head, where is she going with this? OR does it give birth to an AHA moment?

Give yourself a little time to let this sink in. I am not looking for you or myself to get into some deep meditation about it but this may spurn you on to do just that at a time in your life when you are searching for some answers. You may feel absolute confidence in who you are and you may be rolling your eyes and saying hey, if I knew who I was would I be reading this now?

For me all of this is an expression of my inner self but they are NOT my inner self. Do you get the difference?

Hey, I loved having a little sports car to ride in with the top down and the wind blowing through my hair and the sun shining down on my head (ok, on my hat because I didn't want a burned scalp), but if it went away tomorrow (and it did, I got pregnant and couldn't get in or out of it anymore!) am I still me? YOU BETCHA!

Maybe I did just define who I am. I just... AM!

Until next time!

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